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My desire to acquire micro-skills and intensive knowledge about S.F was quenched after attending Dr. Jaseem's workshop. His style of conducting workshops especially online ones is very lucid and easy to grasp. I was happy to meet like-minded people, who shared my enthusiasm and aspiration of helping them and the people through the revolutionary SF way. I would also like to thank Mind Weavers and ASFAR for arranging these workshops.

Devansh Pratap Singh Tomar

Psychology Student, IIP, Bangalore

I recently completed My Intensive SFBT Training by Dr Jaseem Koorankot, who is an expert in the SFBT approach. It was a delight to learn from him especially because of his constant encouragement and support during the training session and practice sessions conducted as a part of the workshop really helped me not only in understanding the theoretical concepts of SFBT but also in applying it in my practice. SFBT is an empowering approach not just for the client but also for the practitioner. This training has added immense value to my practice.

Kanika Choudhary

Senior Resident Clinical Psychologist, AIBHAS, Noida

I have attended SFBT intensive training and I found it as really insightful. The whole session was really well structured along with practical exposures like role plays, discussions etc. That's really helpful in dealing with clients. Even it's really helpful in my personal life too.

Pragila VM

MPhil Clinical Psychology Trainee , AIMS, Kochin

Doing the SFBT intensive course has been an extremely wonderful experience. Jaseem Sir has been a wonderful facilitator and trainer. I learnt a lot due to the dyadic nature of the course. The roleplays, activities, videos were extremely helpful. I'm extremely happy with its content and teaching. It's the best cost-effective training I've attended so far.

Chinmayee Aphale

Psychologist, Emotionally, Pune

ASFAR is committed to propagate and develop Solution Focused approach through research,  practice and supervision.

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We provide education and credentialing, organize seminars, workshops and conferences and promote research on the application of solution-focused approaches in diversified fields such as mental health, education, coaching and organizational development.

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