Since 2016 ASFAR has been serving professionals, organizations and individuals in transforming their career and personal life in their preferred directions through training, consulting, researching and supervising (clinical and research). ASFAR’s services can be utilized via online and offline mode.

Courses & Training Programs in SFA

AFSRA has conducted many training programs in solution focused approaches. Apart from inhouse training facilitators of ASFAR has been delivering keynotes, workshops, training courses to different government and non-governmental organisations in India, Poland, Austria, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, UAE and New Zealand since 2016. Please visit our ‘events’(add link to events page) page for more information about past and upcoming training programs.

For Individuals and Help Seekers

SFBT has been effectively used with a wide variety of problems including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, drug and alcohol problems, relationship difficulties and so on. The task of a Solution-Focused therapist is to help clients translate the presenting problems into a clearly defined and achievable preferred future.

ASFAR’s experienced SF therapists provide online psychotherapy/ counseling sessions for those who require individual SFBT sessions. .

For Therapists and Professionals

If you have just been introduced to the solution focused approach and thinking of adopting it into your clinical practice, enroll in our introductory or advanced courses in solution focused approach. We have a team of internationally accredited solution focused practitioners to help you in every step that you take towards Solution Focused practice. If you are in need of clinical supervision over your SF practice, we provide online supervision. Let us know from you if you would like to know more about supervision.

Facilitating Change in Organizations

We provide consultation for schools and educational institutions for preventing bullying in the campus, developing a positive atmosphere in the campus, conducting suicide prevention programs, and helping educators in classroom behavioral management and in adopting methods to enhance the quality of teaching. Feel free to contact us for more information on this.

Research Supervision & Internship

We provide research supervision for Post Graduate Students, Research Scholars, NGOs and other agencies in the area of Positive Psychology, Solution Focused Practice, Psychometric Tool Construction etc. There are opportunities for post graduate students as well as research scholars have research internships under renowned researches around the globe. Research internship usually runs for 3 months as a group. To learn more about research supervision & internship please contact us

For Schools and Educational Institutions

With regard to organizations ASFAR offers assistance in the following areas:

  • Organizational restructuring/ overall organizational development
  • Leadership Development
  • Employee Training
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Performance Management

Organizing Scientific Events (SF)

Apart from in-service training, ASFAR provides consultation for organizing scientific events in the areas of positive psychology and solution-focused approach. These events can range from one day to 5 days of program and it can also be accredited to different academic councils and government organizations. Let us know from you if you would like to organize an event.

ASFAR is committed to propagate and develop Solution Focused approach through research,  practice and supervision.

About US

We provide education and credentialing, organize seminars, workshops and conferences and promote research on the application of solution-focused approaches in diversified fields such as mental health, education, coaching and organizational development.

Contact Us

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