The brief psychotherapeutic practice has been a central theme in current evidence-based psychological practice. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is a new approach in the field of behavioural science. In the last two decades, published SFBT literature has grown considerably. Furthermore, SFBT has become a more widely accepted therapeutic approach in the United States and Europe, as well as in other countries. Literature shows SFBT has been successfully employed in university clinics, mental health settings, residential treatment centers, prisons, schools, private practice and corporate training.


In order to advance both clinical and non-clinical efficacy of SFBT, further research will need to be conducted with the methodological rigour set. ASFAR focuses on studying the empirical evidence and effectiveness of solution-focused therapy in regular outpatient clinics and community practices in specific to Indian setting and expanding knowledge. ASFAR also focuses on estimating the effectiveness of training in solution-focused approaches given in different groups by different trainers.

Ongoing Research

Effect of solution-focused questions in neuropsychological components during a psychotherapy session

Problem orientation and resilience in college students.

Standardization of Solution Focused Inventory

Effect of solution-focused questions in the psychophysiological state during a psychotherapy session

Effectiveness of Solution Focused Brief Therapy in elderly population

Standardization of Child Competency Inventory.

ASFAR is committed to propagate and develop Solution Focused approach through research,  practice and supervision.

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We provide education and credentialing, organize seminars, workshops and conferences and promote research on the application of solution-focused approaches in diversified fields such as mental health, education, coaching and organizational development.

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