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Relationship between solution-focused approach and positive psychology

Solution focused approach and positive psychology were developed with distinct intentions with the former focusing on the pragmatic application of a set of tools as to find what works, while the latter being concerned about forming an academic discipline and
developing interventions in contrast to the traditional thoughts in psychology. However,
while bringing both to practice, solution focused practitioners have brought out several
similarities between them. As Bannink and Jackson pointed out, both the approaches can be seen and described as part of a wave of positive approaches to change (2014). The focus in both the approaches is on enhancing the salience and relevance of positive factors and thereby making negative factors less important and more manageable (Terni, 2015).

Solution focused approach and positive psychology search for people’s positive resources
and strengths and dwells on what is right and not on what is wrong. In short, solution
focused approach works as a methodology to put positive psychology into work by helping individuals, communities and organizations to thrive.

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  • Terni, P. (2015) Solution-Focus: Bringing Positive Psychology into conversation.International Journal of Solution-Focused Practices, Vol. 3, No. 1, 8-16

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