ASFAR offers online therapy service where you are in your world. We use Google Duo,
Hangout and Skype for online meetings. You can fill up the form below for fixing an
appointment with our Expert. Most of our experts use Solution Focused Approach in practice.

Steps for Meeting our Experts Online:

1. Click here to fill the form for checking the availability of expert
2. Pay the session fee after receiving the confirmation (Click here for information)
3. Meet online as per the schedule (Google Duo/Hangout/Skype)
4  Click here to schedule follow-up appointment

Benefits of Online Therapy Services:

 Convenient in fixing an appointment
 Meet online from home or anywhere as long as there is internet service
 Flexible time options and affordable
 Make use of your quality time for yourself
 Confidentiality will be strictly maintained

Eligibility for Online Therapy Services;

Online therapy services are most suitable for clients over the age of 18 years-old who are
seeking short-term support for issues that are unrelated to a major trauma, severe mental
health illnesses, suicidal, homicidal or aggressive behavior (past and present).

Online therapy services may help people who have limited access, availability or financial
means to receive direct, face-to- face professional counseling services. Even though online
therapy services may be helpful, direct, face-to- face services are highly recommended and
encouraged, especially for individuals either looking for long-term treatment or clients in
major crisis.

Individuals who are willing to take online therapy services should accept our terms and
conditions which will be conveyed prior to the appointment.

Our Experts:

All our experts are qualified licensed professionals who use Solution Focused Therapy in
their practice. Please click here to know about our experts.

Fee Structure:

800 INR for 50 Minutes
Individuals who can’t afford the fee can contact us for checking eligibility for reduced rates.

Fee payment options:

 Cash deposit

Bank Account Details:
 Account No: 1072102000006866
 Bank: IDBI
 IFSC: IBKL0001072